Weddings at Wycliffe

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We are delighted you are planning to have your wedding at Wycliffe Presbyterian Church.  We wish you every happiness in your new life and will be happy to help you in every way possible so that your wedding will be a joyous and memorable experience. 

It is our desire to assist you by providing guidelines for this important occasion, and to also offer support as you seek to establish a Christian home. As you plan your wedding, and celebrate your new life with your family and friends, please know the members and staff of Wycliffe Presbyterian Church will always be here for you.  Counseling with the pastor is required. Ordinarily, at least three sessions are held.

Your Wedding

Weddings at WycliffeChristian marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman. The Christian marriage ceremony is a service of worship before God. Reverence shall be expected on the part of all present and the service shall be under the sole direction of the minister. If you desire to have communion, this must be approved by the session. Other ordained ministers may be invited to participate, provided that such invitations are approved by the session and the pastor. Ordinarily, weddings are not scheduled on major holidays. 

Setting the Date & Time

  • The first step is to contact the church office (757-496-2620) to ensure the date and time you desire for your wedding is available. (Ordinarily a 90 day notice is required)
  • If the date is available the church secretary will contact the Clerk of Session and the Pastor with your initial information and date. 
  • You will be contacted by the clerk of the session, followed by the pastor about your wedding. Once the date has been approved by the session, your date will be added to the church calendar. 
  • The wedding coordinator will then contact you with all the details about our church policies in regard to your ceremony. 

Facility Use

Wycliffe Presbyterian Church is a house of worship. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the buildings or on the grounds. When setting the date for your wedding, please be sure to let the church office know if you wish to use the Fellowship Hall for your reception. All food and decorations must be cleared away when the reception is over. No food may be left in the refrigerator or freezer. Rice or confetti may not be used at the church. The use of birdseed or bubbles is permitted outside the building. 

In the event of any damage to equipment, furnishings, the building or any church property, you will be expected to assume the replacement cost. 

Our parking lot is shared with a corporate partner. They will be notified of all events on the church calendar.

General Information

Wedding Coordinator: The wedding coordinator can advise and inform you on all details for the rehearsal and wedding.  She is familiar with all church policies regarding decorations, photography and facility use. The wedding coordinator works with bride and groom to ensure that all details have been covered so your wedding runs smoothly.

Music:  Our organist will discuss music selections with you during your consultation with her. The church organist is expected to play for all weddings in the church for members. (If you are a non-member, other arrangements will be coordinated.)  If you desire to use another musician, prior approval must be obtained. Arrangements for the services of additional musicians can be made, if you desire. Fees for instrumentalists and vocalist vary, and may be discussed with the organist.

Photography & Videotaping:  There are guidelines pertaining to both photography and videotaping during the actual wedding ceremony.  In general, the photographer should remain in the background during the service, and should not use flash equipment.  If you desire to have pictures taken in the sanctuary before the wedding ceremony begins, all photography must be completed before the guests arrive. All poses during the ceremony can be re-photographed after the service.  Videotape equipment is permitted under limited circumstances. 

Decorations & Flowers In planning your floral decorations, the communion table is central and the two candles under the stained glass window are included as part of the permanent decorations. They are not to be removed.Nothing may be fastened to the walls, woodwork or fastened to the aisle; tracking is not provided and may not be tacked to the floor. There are 22 rows of pews. The Sanctuary holds approximately 300 guests. 

If you desire an aisle runner, the sanctuary center aisle is 42 feet long. Only drip less candles may be used in the sanctuary. Candles and stands are not available.

Please be sure to share with the wedding coordinator the name of the florist.  On the day of the wedding the church will be open two hours prior for delivery. It is your responsibility to let the florist know this information.  Additionally, due to the lack of storage space, the florist should pick up any ferns immediately after the service. 

Should you desire to leave a floral arrangement at the church to be used for the next worship service, please let the church office know at least one week before the wedding. 

It is not necessary to provide a corsage or boutonnière for the pastor, wedding coordinator or organist. 

Nursery:  Nursery care is generally not provided by the church for rehearsals or wedding ceremonies.

The Rehearsal The rehearsal gives members of the Wedding party the opportunity to become acquainted with the church, practice their role in the wedding, and see the rooms they will use for changing clothes, if that is to be done at the church.

The rehearsal is under the direction of the minister and the wedding coordinator.    

Officials:  The Pastor of Wycliffe Presbyterian Church presides over all weddings. If you wish to use an ordained minister from another church, this must be approved by the Session and the Pastor.

Dressing Rooms:  Rooms will be made available for all members of the wedding party who wish to dress at the church.  We ask that you leave the rooms in serviceable condition.

It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to arrange for the care and security of all personal property of the wedding party and any gifts brought to the wedding.  The church cannot be responsible for any valuables lost, stolen or damaged. 

For your convenience the following contact information is provided:

Pastor Garrett Bugg –
Sandra Billy, Organist – 
Judy Dodaro, Office Administrator –

The Church Office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  (Closed Fridays during the summer)