Our Session

Leaders of the church, known as "active elders" are elected by the members. These elders take charge of the ministry teams and meet together to decide the direction of the church.  Our pews are full of people who have served on session in the past and people who may serve in the future if they get the call.

Our current Session members are:


Gail Schwartzer, Clerk of the Session

Ruling Elders:

Jim Basnight
Donah Bell
Thad Brake
Pat Carney
Laurie Coyne
Robin LaVigne
Cathy Maston

Bess Mann
Lisa Sowell
Chuck Steenburgh
Bill Wahab
Mark Via
John Werner


Jim Haynie (2007)
David Carney (2008)


Treasurer: Vicki Burden

Financial Secretary: Vicki Burden

Special Committees:

Endowment Committee
Fell Grant Committee

Church Secretary:

Judy Dodaro