Presbyterian Church
September, 19 2020
From our Pastor

Dear Friends,

Rain, rain, go away! Sunday is our worship day! This Sunday, join us under the pines! Bring a chair and maybe a blanket for worship in the fresh air at 10:00am. If it sprinkles rain or if you'd be more comfortable in your car, drive in and tune in on your car radio. We look to Philippians 4 for good words from Paul who returns to his theme of JOY!

Thanks to all who brought food for the Eastern Shore Chapel Pantry, and for those who sent in photos of the nourishment that brings joy! We are entering the sixth and final week of the JOY Project—connecting with Jesus, serving Others, taking care of Yourselves.

Over these past weeks, I've been reminded what JOY we find even in the midst of challenges. We've headed back to school. We've run the summer to its conclusion. More and more things are "opening up." Amid all that, we have great joy because we have Jesus Christ. Jesus' presence with us gives us hope, allows us to proceed with courage into the difficulties of these days, and offers us a peace that banishes fear and anxiety.

Serve others this week by sharing joy on a neighbor or church member's doorstep—deliver cookies or flowers or masks and sanitizer (a couple of months ago I would have suggested toilet paper). Just drop it off and let the joy flow. And as you engage in your hobbies, note or photograph what brings you joy and share with us at joy@wycliffepresbyterian.org.

Live in Jesus. Live in JOY.  

Pastor Bugg
Our Worship Schedule for the upcoming weeks
(in addition to online worship opportunities)
  • September 20: Worship Under the Pines (weather permitting). Bring the whole family for a wholesome worship experience outside at Wycliffe. We'll have our FM transmitter up and running for those who want to join, but need to stay in the car. (Philippians 4)

  • September 27: Worship in the Sanctuary. "From Joy to Generosity"

  • October 4: World Communion Sunday, worship in sanctuary. Communion outside (weather permitting), drive-through communion 11 am-12 pm. 
Thanks to all those who are keeping up with the JOY Project! Keep those pictures coming! And send in stories or revelations of joy you've had during this time to joy@wycliffepresbyterian.org

The Beautiful flowers for the service this Sunday are given to the
Glory of God by Bren Bowman in memory of Bernice Burns.
Worship and Study
Sunday Worship
Facebook and YouTube at 10 am
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Zoom "check in" with
Pastor Bugg

Be sure to check in with Pastor Bugg and your Wycliffe friends every Wednesday at 12:30 pm. We can't wait to see you! Click here to join us...
Online Sunday School for Adults
Faith Explorers
Led by Bob Prestridge
Sunday, Sept. 27 at 9 am
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The Forum
Led by Dave Carney
Sunday, Sept. 27 at 9 am
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Coffee & Conversation
Every Tuesday at 10 am
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Joy Devotional - 6
Led by Bill Austin
Every Tuesday at 9 am
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Grief Support Group
Led by Bob Prestridge
Thursday, Sept 24 at 3:30 pm
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Joy Devotional - 6
Led by Dave Carney
Every Friday at 9 am
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Flower Bulb Fundraiser - Cub Scouts Pack 493
Cub Scout Pack 493 is selling flower bulbs as a fundraiser to support our adventures and activities. Money raised will help offset expenses for camping, community projects, pack and den meeting materials, achievement awards, and fees owed to the national Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Our pack builds friendships, life skills, and ties to our community for boys AND girls in elementary school.
Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19 we are taking precautions with our interactions in the community, including the way we raise money. Please excuse us for not introducing ourselves in person for this fundraiser. If you would like to know more about our pack or to join, visit us at our Facebook page: "Public: Cubscout Pack 493, Va Beach" or email: 493cubmaster@gmail.com

These fall fundraising flower bulbs are for FALL PLANTED, SPRING BLOOMING bulbs. All sales will be direct order and direct shipment. 

To support our pack with the flower bulb fundraiser please visit: HERE

Orders need to be completed by 15 October 2020.
We are also selling Popcorn!!

If you have any questions about flower bulbs or popcorn, please contact: vbpack493treasurer@gmail.com
Pictured above is our Zoom Joy Devotional...Join Us!
Zoom Gatherings

Many groups are meeting on the internet using zoom video and are finding ways to stay connected. If you would like to have a virtual gathering, please contact Judy in the church office at 757-496-2620 or email at wycliffepresbyterian@gmail.com
Sanctuary Flowers

As we enter the fall season, please consider donating flowers to help beautify the sanctuary for Sunday services. Sign up for dates that are meaningful to you and your family. There is a small space to describe your reason for donating the flowers (In celebration of our 50th anniversary, in memory of my mother, etc.). Your description will be included in the bulletin on Sunday morning. Check boxes to indicate whether you want to keep the flowers after the service or have the Member Care Committee give them away. Flowers are $45. Make your check payable to Wycliffe Presbyterian Church and write flowers in the memo line.

Also there are a couple of dates remaining in October (10-25), November (11-1, 11-29) and December (12-6, 12-20, 12-27) 2020 if you would like to sign up. You can contact Judy (496-2620) and she will add your name to the chart, or you can contact Thad Brake (481-4528) and he will add your name to the chart or answer any of your questions. Thank you for your past support and your continuing support of the sanctuary flower program.
Faith Explorers Adult Sunday School – This Fall our class will be studying and discussing Skye Jethani's book What If Jesus Was Serious in which he compares how we live our lives today with Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.
Classes will begin tomorrow at 9 am via Zoom, Join us by clicking HERE.. Mr. Jethani's book is available on Amazon.com in both Kindle and paperback format; class members are asked to purchase their own copy prior to the beginning of the class.
Caring for Others
Wycliffe Helpers are here to assist you with essential errands. Contact Judy in the church office to sign up to volunteer or to share a need. Email office@wycliffepresbyterian.org
Cloth Masks
If you would like to donate cloth masks please email wycliffepresbyterian@gmail.com

Click here for a Face Mask with filter.